Sheffield Uni Kyu Tournament (SUKT)

On entering the Sheffield University Kyu grade Tournament, SUKT, you are indicating you accept the following:

Photography / video recording

Be aware you may be photographed / videoed at SUKT by other spectators and by Y&H officials (eg in use of video replay).
If you wish to use your camera, please disable the flash/light. Camera lights can be very distracting to both players and officials.


Competitors should bring competition legal WHITE Judogi. If you bring a blue kit, please also bring a white kit.
Players with only a blue kit may be refused competition.

Referees may refuse to allow a player to compete if Judogi is not contest legal.

Players should bring their own blue and white belts.

Combining categories

Unfortunately, like all events, we often see registered players not turn turn up to an event. Players may have entered the wrong weight group. This can mean a group may not have sufficient players to stand on its own.
In this situation the Tournament Director will decide on an appropriate course of action, which may be to combine weight groups or in some circumstance not run that group at all.

If we know in advance a category cannot run we will endeavour to contact you via your provided email address.

Withdrawal and refunds

Should you need to withdraw from SUKT, please let us know. We ask this for the other players, if we are told in time we may be able to let other players know there aren't enough in their group to run the group. It is frustrating for players to turn up and find no-one in their group. This is usually because players haven't informed us they weren't coming to the event or players fail to make weight group they entered.

Players who withdraw from the event (including no shows) after registering will not normally be refunded. 
If a player withdraws, that entry cannot be transferred to another player. Both players must enter the event in advance. 

If we contact you before the event because a group is not viable, a refund may be possible at our discretion. We will clarify in any email we send.

On the day entries

We will not be accepting entries on the day. All entries must be completed and paid for in advance of the event.

Communication from us

During the online registration process you will be asked to provide an email address. This will be our primary way of contacting you with any queries about players and to let you know if there's a problem with a particular category you have entered.

In order to help both organisation of the event and to help other players, please monitor your email closely in the days before the competition.

We may also make general announcements via the club Facebook page.

Your data

Your data will be deleted shortly after the event once paperwork has been completed.
We may publish names to website(s) in results. If you'd rather not have your name in the results, please do let us know.

Results (which may include you name, club and weight category) may appear on any of the following websites:
  • : event site
  • : Yorkshire and Humberside area
  • : Sheffield uni club
  • : British Judo Association
We have no control over other sites that may copy names from results.